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Does feeding a kitten raw meat, cause it to become aggressive.? It was gentle but refuses to eat?

... kitten/cat food. It's a very much loved 6 month old kitten, who has never been out. Had vaccinations, he has been neutered and chipped, ...

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Should I be worried?

I’m breastfeeding my newborn and my nipples started hurting really bad so I put neosporin on it and I forgot to wipe it off before feeding my ...

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Hamster babies?

Our dwarf hamster momma seems to be feeding her babies by mouth, though she is nursing them too.. They are 2 weeks old. Babies stay awhile as if ...

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Is there any way I can go swimming without being embarrased about my flat chest?

I'm 17 and I'm a 32A, it would be a dream come true if I were a B cup. I know ...

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How would we stop the milk production from female breast once she stopped breast feeding ?

Female, 31 years old, healthy, no any other medication nor specific medical ...

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What are the nutritional needs of a woman after breast feeding?

i have been feeling forgetful,anxious, lacking motivation and feeling there might be some areas of ...

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Help Robin is only feeding one of its babies after we put the other back in the nest?

The mom had 3 birds, one bird had almost fallen in our pool because the mother built ...

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I've Been Feeding My Chinchilla Gogurt... Is It Ok For Him To Eat It?

He's So Cute Eating It Out Of The Tube!

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