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Body temperature at 94.2° Fahrenheit?

I'm 14 and feeling very sick today. I have aches, I'm very cold, tired, and walking can make me dizzy. I don't have a fever. In fact, ...

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Should I report the vet?

What horror my 3 weeks old kitten might have went through? My kitten who was fine the other day caught symptoms of diarrhea today and had light ...

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Sickness - My boyfriend has had an on off fever for the past 3days. He has also been light headed,?

... nauseaus, cough and light sore throat. He's been in bed for ...

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I think I have the flu. Should I still go to school?

I have a headache and a lot of congestion. I've had chills, and I've been sweating a lot. I don't have ...

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I had my period and I left my tampon in for like 16 hours and a little after that I had a fever,?

... sore throat, and my bones ached and felt like they were on fire. I ...

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What sickness is this?

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago I started having a wheezing cough. A few days later i had a fever of 100.6. The next day the right side of my throat ...

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