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What is a good attention getter for Lord of the Flies essay?

I am writing about Jack and Ralph's differences in actions, priorities, and perceptions. Thanks!

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Why don't I get flies in my apartment?

I live in a 1st floor apartment in the CBD. The yearly temperature range is 10-30 degrees Celsius. I've lived here 20 years and never treated ...

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What is Simon afraid of in the lord of the flies?


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Horrible smell comes from my noses.why?

flies try to get in my noses,in my mouth,and my room stinks so bad ,i have to open my doors.

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Helicopter and earth rotation?

our earth rotates with the speed of 1037 m/h and suppose a helicopter flies and remain still at vertical above any refrence point on earth ...

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What does it mean when flies die around you ?

I've never seen a fly dying alone , only the ones i kill . Strangely, for the last 2 consecutive days after a 20year of ...

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Earth rotational speed?

our earth rotates with the speed of 1037 m/h now an aeroplane flies above the earth with the speed of 1037 m/h then why aero plane reaches at ...

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People - creatures?

Why there are people who look like parasites, for example - insect flies. (Them are treated badly.) What it symbolizes?

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