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What is the name of candy from the 90's, Flip Flops?

This particular candy came in a rectangular box, and each candy was circular with 2 flavor sides, like blue/red and yellow/orange, I think it was ...

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HELP Can you turn on an Alcatel Onetouch A392A Flip Phone without battery using just the power cord?

Please help I need an answer for this question asap if possible. Thanks. Can you turn on/Power on an Alcatel One touch A392A Flip Phone without the ...

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Why are forks and spoons handles heavier than the working end?

The weight imbalance causes them to fall off the plate and usually flip food to the floor. Is there any history to this or a valid reason?

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I'm 17, is it too late to start dancing professionally and/or as a career?

I used to dance when I were younger, I used to be able to do flips and tricks and I was ...

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Why does my horse stop when I say whoa lunging but when I say whoa riding he throws his head & flips

Before I get on my horse I lunge him to get some energy out and when ...

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I just want to know why she acted like this?

When I first started my job almost a year ago, this married girl gave me all the signs. She would stare at me in meetings and ...

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I need a drone that has a camera, flips, has long battery and is tiny. What should I get?

I have been wanting a drone to shoot some rock climbing videos. So it would be ...

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I hit my lip with my knee now there's a small bump on my lip?

I was doing some flips and I hit my lip with my knee and it doesn't hurt really it'd just numb but ...

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