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There was a bug in my dogs food. It is black with a brown in the middle it has six legs. What is it?

It was in my dogs food bag and anywhere his food was. Like I said black the brown the black. 6 legs and antennas on the front if anyone knows ...

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What the 3 terms that are given to food as it passed down the alimentary canal?

also can you identified the organs in which each term is applied. Im dissecting a pig and this is one of the questions in the Abdominal cavity part.

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What foods should pregnant women avoid?

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I want to lose weight but I can't stop eating is there kind of food or any thing to have will help?

well i want to lose 10 kg. but i can't tird alot of diets but i ...

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Why is fast food considered not healthy ?

except the fact that it is bad for health and it causes health problems such as heart disease , obesity.

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How can I get food RIGHT NOW???

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What your favourite food?

I like fish and chips what abaut you!?.

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