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What happens if I send a parcel through the post box with only a letter stamp on it?

Will it just be at the post office? Will it be lost in the post forever? I accidentally posted two items through the post without realising you would ...

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Is it okay to set aside my current still life oil painting to start a whole new painting?

I have a tremendous fear that if I set aside my current painting to start a new one that it will just sit forever unfinished, yet I also have so many ...

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Do you believe we can live forever?

In a paper on the legal implications of longevity, the writers make this observation: “The time may not be far away where we may ...

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Can we live forever?

I say we can because the Bible says we can. Read it at, Psalm 37:29 It says simply; "The righteous themselves will possess the earth and they ...

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How do I Become a Vampire? I know what I want so helpful and sure answers please?

If you want to know why I want to become a blood sucking immortal, it is very simple. I ...

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When you fall in love for the very first time, can you find a love like your first?

I think I just lost the love of my life, I don't think I could live without ...

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What to do? is this social anxiety?

Hi. I have problems talking to people I don't know what it is I've had social anxiety forever and never have friends or talk ...

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