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We are making a game set in Monroe, Louisiana. What are the most common trees and bushes growing?

We are not from the area, from the UK in fact, but want to make sure we get the look of the local vegetation correct for people who do live there. ...

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A bowler had a 179 point average after 6 games?

A bowler had a 179 point average after 6 games. If he wants to average 191, what must his total be before the next game? Please tell me how you got ...

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Im playing sims4 on my laptop and it glitched, my game is frozen how do I fix it?

my sim tried to take a selfie while my other sim did other things, the game paused and now i cant get it to do anything, it wont let me press on the ...

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Can playing to many video games make you blind?

My brother says video games make people smart but what ive hard if you play way to many you can become blind.Can you tell ...

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Will a game work on a computer with a slower than recommended processor speed?????

Will a game that requires say 2.1 Ghz processor speed run on a machine with a 1.2 Ghz ...

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What are some fun free online games that do not need to be downloaded?

how about accessable at a school server? or at a work server?

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How to clean a ps2?

i got a ps2 and every time i put a game in it says cd error im tired of it and my bro said it needs to be cleaned

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What online games do people play?

other than mass effect 3, battlefield 3, & call of duty 3. what other games are PS3 players playing. do people still play "red ...

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