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How good is a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini for games?

Exactly what the title says. By good, I mean iPhone standards.

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Can you recommend a good zombie game?

im really into fps open world zombie games other than day z because im bored of that . but my computer isnt very good so could you reccomend some ...

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Can you stop someone from winning uno, with a plus card by throwing down a plus card of your own?

i.e they throw down a plus2 and call uno out. So i throw a plus2 to make them pick up plus4 to keep them in the game.

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Will a game work on a computer with a slower than recommended processor speed?????

Will a game that requires say 2.1 Ghz processor speed run on a machine with a 1.2 Ghz ...

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How to clean a ps2?

i got a ps2 and every time i put a game in it says cd error im tired of it and my bro said it needs to be cleaned

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What are some fun free online games that do not need to be downloaded?

how about accessable at a school server? or at a work server?

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Can playing to many video games make you blind?

My brother says video games make people smart but what ive hard if you play way to many you can become blind.Can you tell ...

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