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3D First person Adventure?

I am looking for an older game. It was an 3D first person adventure where you fought against ogres and stuff with your magic like stoping time, ...

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Is the new 3ds worth it now with 2016 starting to roll in?

Back then when the new 3ds just came out, there was no big reason to buy it. The old 3ds was perfectly capable to run the majority of games released ...

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What is this space game?

In the tutorial of the game, you end up going through a warp gate. You enter this reddish colored void in which you go to certain points to exit ...

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Will a game work on a computer with a slower than recommended processor speed?????

Will a game that requires say 2.1 Ghz processor speed run on a machine with a 1.2 Ghz ...

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Can playing to many video games make you blind?

My brother says video games make people smart but what ive hard if you play way to many you can become blind.Can you tell ...

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What are some fun free online games that do not need to be downloaded?

how about accessable at a school server? or at a work server?

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How to clean a ps2?

i got a ps2 and every time i put a game in it says cd error im tired of it and my bro said it needs to be cleaned

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Okay I'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read?

Okay i'm a teen girl looking for some new books to read. I liked harry potter, the hunger games, ...

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