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If I sleep in a garage with a faint gas smell, is that dangerous?

I’m currently staying part time in a garage while I try to get an apartment. The garage never had a car parked in it but gas cans and ...

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What to do if garage door emergency cord was pulled while in up position?

my garage door cord was pulled while it was still up. now i cant re engage the cord and the chain moves but the door doesnt. the chain doesnt catch ...

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Do you think it’s out of order that my boss let two people use the garage I work in on the weekend

... who don’t even work at the garage so they can work on their cars while I have £20,000 worth of tools in the garage?

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Can I put beer in a fridge in my garage?

I have to bring beer to a Party bt im not sure if I can store it in my frige in the garage tht not on and the garage can get cold ...

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We can't find my puppy we think she died?

She was sick yesterday so we let her stay in the garage where she was comfy then she ran away this morning we think she went to ...

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I got a reserved parking space in my apt. on 11/25. Was I overcharged for those six days in Nov.?

Until Nov. 25th, my rent was $849.91 a month ($777.05 for apartment and ...

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What happens to my engine if I let the oil drain out for 6 weeks?

I started an oil change in the garage on a 03 VW GTI and ended up having to special order parts to do ...

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What should I do if they find a stolen motorcycle outside my house?

the police found a stolen motorcycle outside my garage, the problem is that I had no clue it was there ...

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