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LGBT community, do people impose gender roles on to you and your partner?

I am interested in peoples experience in LGBT marriages/partnerships of being assigned Heteronormative roles. Especially in regards to parenting, for ...

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What gender is Brock's Marshtomp and What's its Ability?

Hey there, i was just wondering because as a Mukdkip it was motherly, but when it evolved it had the same personality as Brock it's trainer. ...

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What is the feminine fender of fox?

I want to know the feminine gender of a fox i.e. what is a female fox called?

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If the Greek gods/goddesses were real, which godly parent would you have?

Regardless of which gender the god/goddess is, who would you be in?

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What issues do men face that women don't?

Women face pregnacy, periods, rape, and being judge by their looks. What problems do men face that women don't?

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What are some good genderfluid names?

I'm gender fluid and my name gives me dysphoria. My name is Charlotte but I don't like the name Charlie at all. Has anyone ...

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I don't know what gender to identify

Well alright I'm still trying to figure out who and what I am and who/what I'm supposed to be. Sometimes I feel ...

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