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Need help with a high school name for my story?

I need help finding a name for my high school for my ghost story Do you have any suggestions?

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Paranormal - Can a ghost trigger a motion sensor light?

I have a motion sensor light in my closet. It occasionally turns on at night for no reason. No one in the closet, no breeze to move clothing, no ...

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Hi, I’m a teenage girl who has a history with ghosts. About 2 months ago I started waking up?

... every night at either 3:32 am or 4:44. Nothing out of the ordinary ...

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My friends think ghosts are real, how do I convince them there not real?

my friends think ghost r real. today they saw a shadow "which it 'didnt belong' to ...

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Does ghost really exist?

what are ghosts and do they really exist

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Paranormal - Is it possible, a ghost can infect a dream and show you things?

I had a dream while visiting a relative, about a teenage boy, Morning his younger brother. I ...

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