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Google - Hi guys. I would like if anyone has tried plugging the gtx to his dell m6600 motherboard.?

... By that I meant to his laptop. I have a Dell m6600 and somehow my motherboard doesn't recognized my external pci port. I Know it is in the ...

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Google - Is it true that you can "only" fail car inspection as of 2016 because of emission only! I?

... was told that they no longer fail you simply for things such as check engine lights, brakes, tail light out ects... I heard Emissions only! ...

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How did Google get its name?

Is there some kind of history behind the name 'Google' or was it just a random choice?

28 answers | | Resolved

What is bork bork bork?

It is listed as an official supported interface language for Google, but I have no clue what it is?

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Google - (This was asked in IAS exam!) pls rpl A very simple but cnfusing puzzle. A lady buys?

... goods worth rs.200 from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with ...

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How do I become a nicer person?

I feel like I'm mean. For instance, I make sassy remarks alot and sometimes come across as a jerk who doesn't care about her ...

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Do you like google or bing better?

I personally like google better because whenever I type in something on bing it NEVER gives me what I'm looking for. Google does. ...

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