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Help I dunno what to do with my crush?

I am in Grade 5 and I have a crush on this guy in my class. My classmate wrote an anonymous love letter to him, but apparently doesn't like him ...

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How much money would you save on 10 pounds of blueberries at the less expensive fruit stand?

math question help i need the answer 7th grade answer i am in 7th grade help i am in a test

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What in the world is "dating" in the 5th grade?

so this girl likes me. asked if we could "date" and be boyfriend and girlfriend but how do you do this in the 5th grade ps. I may or may ...

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How do you get a fifth grade girl to like you?

I like a girl and I do not know how to get her to like me. Can somebody give me an answer that is 300,000% reliable, oh and ...

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How to tell a boy you like him in 5th grade?

I'm in 5th grade and I'm 11 years old and I really like this guy at my school i started liking him a while ago and ...

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What are some excuses to not go swimming?

Whts up, I'm in 6th grade and my mom is really over protective and my class is going to a 3 day field trip and they have ...

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How I do I get my crush to like me?

I'm in fifth grade and I have a crush in this really cute boy(at least I think so). My friends would tease me all the time I also ...

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