I'm in 5th grade and I'm 11 years old and I really like this guy at my school i started liking him a while ago and I decided to my friends "hey guys lets go sit at the boys table" they said sure so we sat there the next day an I sat next to my crush I was so happy because I got to sit with him everyday me,my crush, and all of our friends would sit at the same table and make up a lot of jokes espically Kyle(not my crush)and we would all laugh until something bad happened...the guys decided to sit at the girls table and "invade" it all the girls moved to the other table expect me and my friends we called the other table the drama table because gossip and drama goes around that table on the other hand I didn't get to sit next to my crush anymore because there was Pujan was sitting next to him but then a good thing happened...Pujan started going to F.L.A.M.E an that's on Fridays that ment that he was going to eat lunch with the other F.L.A.M.E students so every Friday our entire class that isn't at F.L.A.M.E fits in one table during lunch I sit next to my crush always I sit next to hi so many times I think people think me and him are a couple but were best friends and graduation is comming up soon and were not
going to the same school I really like him and I came up with an idea of sending him notes I called it the letter system but then I thought I would ruin the friendship me and him have so I decided I would tell him at the end of the year but I'm still thinking of how to please help me!