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How can I order graduation gown for Texas State University?

My daughter suppose to graduate from Texas State University. Due to covid-19 they don’t have a graduation for 2020z I am trying to find a gown ...

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Is there a demographic divide in NYC. I’m talking about low IQ working class pre-conceived notions

Would a college student or graduate be disappointed to find that in NYC there is a tribal divide among IQ and working class people? I live in upstate ...

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Why is it hard for foreigners to find an IT job in Singapore?

I am a computer engineering graduate and I just graduated last 2016. My first job was customer service since I wasn't able to get an IT job ...

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In a certain government office there are 400 employees there are 150 men 276 university graduates?

in a certain government office there are 400 employees there are 150 ...

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SHould I keep my relationship or end it now? Please help!!!?

Im in a long distance relationship, and I graduate this year. We've only been together for a short time ...

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Friend Problem?

So im 17 and about to graduate college and i have this friend. I feel they that they are too attched to me and thinks i have to revolve around her. Her ...

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Depressed. No direction in life?

I'm depressed and suicidal. I'm 19, and I have no career direction. I chose English as my major for graduate. Now, I think ...

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Trying to graduate early, I just need exams 1-8 for world lit & 1-12 for geometry & 7,9.10,11 for?

... algerbra, in american homeschool in lansing il willing to trade ...

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