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What does my dream mean and what caused it?

Last night I had a dream that my grandma and I went back to a past world where my dad and my uncle were still kids. At the end we had to go back to ...

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So my grandma is convinced I had another life in the 1950's... how can I tell?

My grandmother is convinced that I was a girl that lived in the 1950's and died at a young age. I knew things that wouldn't make sense for ...

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How do you take nail polish off a drinking glass?

I tried to do nail marble using one of my grandma's drinking glasses but it didn't work for me. I ended up having to take off the nail ...

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What would my grandmas cousins son be to me?

i just always wondered what i should call him cuz im not really sure what him or his sister are to me.

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I really love my grandma, she is my life, but everytime I see her I get irritated and angry, why???

My grandma has been there for me my entire life, she has helped my ...

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My grandma refuses to get a hearing aid?

My mom and I have tried to get her a hearing aid but she gets mad at us every time we mention it and tries to make us feel bad, ...

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I have seen lots of spirits since I turned 10 I feel somthing is watching me. Whats going on?

Ok the first time i saw one before i was ten was my grate grandma but now im ...

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Why do we even bother learning cursive?

The only time I have ever seen any one use it is to sign their name. Besides my great grandma it seems like it's dead way of ...

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