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How do I deal with this?

I was 14 two days before i turned 15 and i lost my uncle he was the only father figure i had and months prior i lost my grandmother they where the ...

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If my grandmother’s father’s sister is my girlfriends grandmother are we related?

my grandmother, her dad, his sister, married my girlfriends grandfather. are we related

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My grandmother fell 2 years ago and she is diagnosed with dimensia. How do I get her to walk again?

Day fallen October 15 2015 Dimensia Can’t walk anymore Need help getting her to walk

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Am I legally required to allow my uncle to come inside my home?

My grandmother lives with me. Her son recently came to my house was was very belligerent. I asked to him ...

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My grandmother is horrible with dogs and wants to get a puppy. What do I do?

My grandmother always gets giant dogs .she constantly kicks them and I have tris to keep her ...

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I need help with my english essay?

my essay is a personal essay, which we were told to talk about a moment that we could reflect back on. Mines was about my grandmother ...

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My question is regarding toxic family member who is sucking my and family life. I am a 26 year?

... old man staying with my family. My family consists of me , my ...

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What should I wear to my grandmother's baptism?

She's Jewish I think and has to be baptized. Any suggestions? Also, can you tell me what a Baptism is? I don't ...

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