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How do you get out of your guardians custody early? (USA, KY)?

I'm having some personal issues with an overpossessive guardian. i'm 3 months away from being 18 but i don't wan't to be with ...

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How rare is this Pokemon card I just got now?

Just opened a booster pack of Guardians Rising to find a Tapu Koko card which I think is number 47.

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What year will Marvel make another Guardians of the Galaxy WITH CHRIS PRATT???????

I recently heard that in the year of 2017 Marvel will be making another Guardians of ...

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Do you believe in guardian angels?

Many believe that we have a guardian angel. What do you think? What does the Bible says?

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If I lost both my parents and I'm under 18, could I be my sisters legal guardian?

Both of my parents passed away and we have absolutely no family left. I'm only 17 ...

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What is a good title for my book about guardian angels?

I'm writing a book for my college fmp and really need some help coming up with a title.

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