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My hamster is picking his food and barely eating!!?

We started him off with really good food that he loved, they discontinued it not too long ago and now he just won’t eat anything else! ...

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My dwarf hamster was killed by the other hamster?

Ok I'm really lost i don't know what happened to my sisters dwarf hamster. A few weeks ago my sister got 2 ...

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My hamster has a large pink bum on his/her back and I don't know what it is. Help plz?!?

I don't know if it is a girl or a boy, I can't tell, does that have ...

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Earning Money for 11 year old?

I am 11 years old. I really want a hamster, and they are $15 at the most. Then I need bedding, a water bottle, and a toy. Probably equals ...

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Google - Why do hamsters make hiccups noises?

She had been making these weird noises for about a week

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HELP!! How can I convince my parents into letting me get a Hamster???!?

HELP!! I really want a hamster, but my parents think that I'm not responsible enough. And it ...

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