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Is twinkie a stupid dog name for a cute male dog?

Our friends think it’s stupid but he an adorable puppy who will grow to be an adorable small dog. It’s meant to be cute,funnny and happy.

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Why do I feel happy, then sad the next?

It's kind of complicated, I've kind of come here as a last resort. (not up to talking to my doctor because I don't want to worry my ...

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Is it appropriate to marry a 31 year old when your 18?

I fell in love with a guy who is 31 and i am 18. he wants to marry me and have kids and idk i just want to be happy. im happy with him but my mom ...

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Snow White question?

Snow White asks the dwarfs a question. 2 of them are lying and 3 can only say the truth. Bashful: " Dopey lies, if Sleepy is honest." ...

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Why have I been tired lately?

Okay.... I've been tired for awhile now. I've been getting eight or more hours of sleep a day. At school, I don't want to do ...

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What should I do to change my life around and be happy?

So, i think I'm depressed, i feel like everyone hates me and i just don't care anymore about anything, i ...

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How do I make my cat happy?

My cat scratches me sometimes she never follows me she just lays down and sometimes plays around but i feel like shes sad.please tell me how i ...

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