So, i think I'm depressed, i feel like everyone hates me and i just don't care anymore about anything, i feel like I'm nothing, the only person who seems to actually love and pay attention to me is my boyfriend and best friend, but neither of them know exactly how hurt i feel. At school I'm a topic of discussion all the time, everything they talk about... it's annoying.....they make up so much rumors about me :( it hurts
not to be vain, but i am very pretty and I'm one of the top students in class, I'm quite intelligent............when my few friends actually realize that the rumors bother me they say people just envy me.........idk maybe but i can't take it anymore, because of this i have a really love self confidence, and i would normally turn to my family in times like this but they're the same way, my parents told me already that im a familly embarrassment. they say stuff like that cause i wont lie, i am a bit anit soical at big family gatherings, thats because I'm afraid, i want to be feel accepted and loved but i don't want to get hurt so i tend to put up this wall to protect myself............... idk what to do anymore i just wanna give up ........ :(