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Audio - I want to use bluetooth headphones for someone hard of hearing and still have external?

... speakers on. Using Yamaha tuner RX-V477. Tuner does not have bluetooth looking at a bluetooth transmitter/reciever to achieve results. Can I ...

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Can a mediation agreement be revoked in the state of Texas due to lies?

A court hearing on an estate. A person is adopted away from biological parent and siblings. Biological siblings told lies in a mediation session to ...

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Am I hallucinating or simply being paranoid?

It has come to my attention recently that I keep frequently hearing things that others don’t - although, this does tend to happen more when I ...

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How to choose quality LED light?

I urgently need to renovate house, I have been hearing that LED lighting is not only fashionable, but known as energy-saving and ...

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Is america doing anything about the conflicts in syria right now?

i've been hearing bits of information about the violence in syria right now and am starting to get ...

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Girls - Do cats ever Fart out loud?

I think I heard my cat fart.. but I'm not sure. Am I hearing things or did she just let one off?

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My the guy I like loves queen ( the band) and since I started likeing him I keep hearing the songs?

Im wondering if this is a sign or if im just being stupid.

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I've been seeing static in the air, and hearing this ringing?

I started seeing this static and hearing ringing at age 13. After a few months of seeing and hearing this, I ...

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