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A lighter heavy clay timber type soil that has been in a corn soybean rotation for several...

... years, then used as a truck patch. What makes the surface of the soil have a red or rust color after a rain and the soil surface dries?

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Can to much drinking cause you to bleed?

I have a friend that is a very heavy drinker, when he drinks he bleeds from his rectal. he has had blood work done, and nothing was found.

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I had a normal period January 25th through January 29th. I started heavy bleeding on the...

...5th February. Today is the 12th and I am still bleeding. What could this mean?

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Why am I addicted to heavy rock?

okay so i FUCKING LOVE heavy rock!! like omg i can listen to it all dayyyy!! everyone says im weird tho cause thats ALL i listen too! i ...

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Does anyone knows any 70's heavy metal bands?

accept black sabbath, dio, acdc and hendrix. thanks!

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Period was late and has only lasted 3 days?

There was a chance I could of been pregnant , my period was due on the tuesday and it didn't come until Wednesday night. ...

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Teen at risk?

Okay, im 15 years old and I live in North Carolina. Two years ago, i moved in with my aunt and uncle to get away from my mother who was heavy on drugs. I ...

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