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Why can't I sit still?

I have to be doing something with my hands or moving so I can pay attention. If I don't then I loss focus, and then I start like moving my ...

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What type of math is this?

Say for example, you had six socks. You wanted to find out how many different pairs you could make out of them. Say x sock was paired with x, then it ...

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Is it ok to get a really short pixie if you have super thick, coarse, and extremely frizzy hair? I'm really tired of my hair all i can do is to ...

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I told a girl I loved her and now she wont talk to me what should I do?

I'm the school holidays I told this girl who I was really good friends with I loved her over ...

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Help! perineal tear did not heal correctly after childbirth. What can I do?

I had a baby over seven weeks ago. now there is a half inch long slit starting from the ...

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What do guys look for in girls?

I like two guys and there really nice but I was wonder what guys like about girls help!!! Ps im at high school and thanks in advance ;)

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I really hate this person!!!!! plz help me how to get rid of this feelings?

i found this guy in my school. he is very ANNOYING AND VERY IRRITATING.i despise him ...

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Can anyone help me with my crush?

Okay so I've liked this guy for over a year now. I have barely said a word to him before. Yet i don't know I think I just feel ...

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