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My nose hoop is stuck in my nose. The little gap is stuck in the hole and when I try to move it...

...the piercing has made another hole and is now bleeding and getting infected. I’ve tried soaking and cleaning it then moving it. I’ve ...

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How much force is required to punch a hole in a cubic meter of stone?

Assuming a limestone composition.

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Bazooka a beer?

Years ago i saw a guy poke a hole in the center of the bottom of a beer can. He placed his finger over the hole, shook the can up, opened it and ...

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Health - I have a small hole in the palm of my right hand it is kind of deep and has some kind of?

... pimple or something inside it would someone be able to tell me ...

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There is a octopus like creature in my basement. It is tan colored and slimy. What do I do?

The "creature" has four points, and a creamy colored center. In the ...

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How many holes in a polo?

Iz needz anwsers or i go play somtin else

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My rat is scared of me! HELP?

Yesterday I bought a 4 week old rat! I past the HOLE day with her but she is so scared of me that she doesn't even eat from my hand! ...

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