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A woman has Rs 10,000 with her. She calculated that she could spend Rs x every day on her holidays.

She spent Rs (x-50) everyday and extended her holiday by 10 days. Calculate x?

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Going away on holidays and owning a cockatiel?

I will be getting a cockatiel very soon and I have everything set up. one problem is that I will be going away on holiday for 2 months (obviously my ...

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One expensive gift for a major holiday?

I need an electric bass. I need one within a week. I have my eye on one I love but it costs much more than what the level bass I need should cost. ...

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Help! I am so confused and upset!?

2 weeks ago the day before school broke up for the holidays this happened: Me and a few of my friends were chatting and then another ...

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Which is the best Egypt tour operator company ?

I want to visit Egypt during my holiday time. So I want to know which the best tour operator company in Egypt is. I know a ...

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Holiday destination for March 2015?

I'm seeking some advice on good holiday destinations for March this year. I live in Australia but am interested in ideas for ...

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Do people still care about Christmas and Birthday cards etc?

Personally I don't care if I get a card or not, I usually find it annoying to pick out a bunch of cards ...

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