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So I am gonna tell my friend about my feelings for him and I am going to give him a hug and kiss?

I am going to confess my feelings even ik it's not a happy one i wanna give him a hug and forehead kiss is it okay to do so also he sees me as ...

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Is this because she is shy?

So I’ve started dating this girl, it’s been a month now we are in a relationship and I’m trying to be affectionate like hug and ...

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How long should a hug last?

My stepsister when I was leaving to go to my mother's house gave me a really long hug out of nowhere. Like she rarely ever touches me when it ...

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I want to ask a girl out but she likes someone else, how do I get her to like me?

ok were really close and great mates, we hug alot but she likes some other guy but she ...

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I think my friend has a crush on me?

My friend tends to like to hug me for long periods of time and I haven't noticed her doing that with other people. When we were ...

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What does it mean when a random girl lets you hug her?

when I was in school I had a history of hugging people(mostly girls) and none of them freaked out on me. and I felt ...

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I really like a girl but I'm not sure if she likes me back?

Ok so I know a girl and were best friends I hug her everyday but to be honest I want more than that but ...

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How do I get this cute girl to like me?

Somebody in my school. i wanna just be friends and get along. maybe hug some time?

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