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How much does website development cost in India?

The management of online businesses is not easy. It is impossible without a reliable website. You need to develop a good and reliable website. This ...

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What 1990s Electronic Music Sample CD is this?

Between my foggy memory and the obscurity of the CD in question, this may be an impossible task, but I'll try to give as much information as I ...

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If I have a 93 in a class and get a 0 on a project worth 30% of my grade what will my grade be?

I have a 93 in this class and the professor just bombed me with a project that is literally impossible to do overnight and I'm willing to accept ...

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Can you pay for someone's Spotify account?

Where online purchase and payment is nearly impossible in a terrible country, a dear friend would love to have a Spotify ...

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Assuming intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe how many planets in total are inhabited?

I believe intelligent life currently exists on other planets and is ...

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Unscramble 46 letters into a nine word sentence:Sppstlltelleettehaahnttneooelsslbagiivkreaisebr?

IF ANYONE figures this out I will be soooo suprised. this was made to be ...

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