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If I have a 93 in a class and get a 0 on a project worth 30% of my grade what will my grade be?

I have a 93 in this class and the professor just bombed me with a project that is literally impossible to do overnight and I'm willing to accept ...

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Is it grammatically correct to say "this great variety is all for you to choose from"?

As in "*** features over 50 centers across the country. This great variety is all for you to choose from, making it nearly impossible not to ...

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Assuming intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe how many planets in total are inhabited?

I believe intelligent life currently exists on other planets and is ...

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Can you pay for someone's Spotify account?

Where online purchase and payment is nearly impossible in a terrible country, a dear friend would love to have a Spotify ...

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Unscramble 46 letters into a nine word sentence:Sppstlltelleettehaahnttneooelsslbagiivkreaisebr?

IF ANYONE figures this out I will be soooo suprised. this was made to be ...

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