Between my foggy memory and the obscurity of the CD in question, this may be an impossible task, but I'll try to give as much information as I can recall:
-This was a demo or sound library sample CD published in the 1990s (late 90s as I was in my last few years of highschool at the time).

-I remember it being a professionally printed CD with bright orange and metallic silver labeling, but it came with no case, in a plastic sleeve, similar to how free samples are sometimes given out stuck to magazines. (I did not purchase it, it was given to me by a friend).

-There were not many tracks, roughly about 11, I believe.

-The first track was a male announcer speaking, explaining the CD featured new music samples, with electronic beats playing underneath.

-The second track started with a voice sampling of Kirk from Star Trek IV, speaking the line 'And this is what it would sound like underwater...' while the rest of the track features deep base and high pitched, echoing sonar sounds, the entire track giving the ambience of diving in a submarine, with light music tones throughout.

-The fifth track was my favourite and had a fast paced, repeating stucco tone underneath Oriental flute music.

-One of the last tracks was an electronic dance song consisting only of a synthetic male voice repeating the lyrics 'Well, it's okay! Alright! Okay! Alright! Yeah, it's okay...' etc to an upbeat track.

-The CD ended with an outro in the same fashion as the first track, but with a female electronic voice giving more information about the 'sound library'.

I apologize if all of this sounds like gibberish, but I have lost the CD in question many years ago and no matter what search terms I enter into multiple engines, Youtube or anywhere else, I cannot find anything close.
If anyone out there has ANY idea of the sample CD I am talking about, I would be deeply grateful for their assistance in finding these tracks again to enjoy decades later...
Thank you!