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Can a construction manager/superintendent be held personally liable for a death or permanent....

...injury that happens on a project that person is supervising?

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HELP!! Job related injury!!?

I went to the ER after i passed out on the job. I had to fill out an injury report and a medical release form the next day at my job. I'm not ...

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Workman's compensation?

I was wondering what the maximum payment for total permanent disability in Massachusetts is.. My injury occurred in Hartford, CT but I live I ...

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I got a horrible ankle injury yesterday. Is it broken or sprained?

Okay so I was basketball and I was going for a crossover, and somebody tripped me, and then I fell ...

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Law advise?

i was injury in 2004 and i hire a lawyer to help me fight this case and it has been 9 years, the defendant wanted to have an out - of - court settlement. the ...

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People - I have a wrist injury. Did I sprain it or break it badly?

I have a bad injury with my right wrist. I twisted it pretty badly, and I cant move it . . ., did I ...

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How to purposely twist your ankle? (answer as fast as possible!!!!) (oh and painless as possible)?

Plz if u can give suggestions that r as painless as possible don't ...

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Today I hurt my hand. I slammed it in the doorway. And its bruising really purple. Tips?

I slammed my hand in the door and my knuckles turned purple and I don't know ...

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