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Which NBFC gives highest FD rates?

Absolutely, Shriram Finance does offer competitive FD rates, providing some of the highest annual interest rates in the NBFC sector, with rates going ...

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A farmer borrowed a loan of 20,000 from a bank and repaid the amount by paying 1875 per month for 12

... months. If he had borrowed 30,000, how much money he would have repaid to the bank with same rate of interest and same time period?‚Äč

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Mr. Ruwan wishes to start a saving stream from 1stDecember 2021 with monthly payment ofRs. 2,000 at?

... 4% monthly interest rate to have Rs. 200,000 to full fill the requirement at end ...

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Ideas for my own website?

I've been wanting to create a website for quite a while now. I have a number of different interests but I'm not sure how to channel ...

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My boyfriend has lost all interest in sex, what should I do?

Hi, Im 20 and my boyfriend is 18. I have been with him for nearly two years now, and our sex life used to be ...

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Help I thnk shes losing interest!! Pls?

Okayy so I have this m.u. So the problem is that I think that shes losing interest in me because she use to say i love you and ...

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What is your opinion about cricket?

Just asked out of interest. This is about the sport cricket, not the insect cricket!

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How to make a girl understand how much I love when she is not intrested in me?

actually when i had seen that girl i dated her just after 4 days. But the next day she told ...

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