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Will I go to jail for being charged w DUI-minor 1st offense?

I'm being charged with DUI: Minor - first offense, careless driving, purchasing alcohol by a minor, and minor prohibited/operating with alcohol. ...

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Can someone get out of jail if they help me as a stabilizer for a explosive/dangerous condition?

Someone very important to me was jailed for a "violent" crime against her ex as she was being defensive. But her being arrested and ...

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Am I going to jail???? Are there ways around Sexting????

So like, basically, I was face timing my GF and I decided to take a shower while doing it and she took snapshots ...

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What type of lawyer goes of paperwork for a property bond?

My brother is in jail and needs a lawyer to check for leans on property and value of property in order to get a ...

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What will happen to my friend?

I'm 14. My friend is 15. Two months ago my friend decided she was going to get back on girls who were picking on her. She made up a ...

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Would I go to jail for burglary for first offence?

i did something stupid when my friend left for vacations i sneak to his house and stole his things i was really dumb ...

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How is it ok for a man to ask woman to take care of him when he's coming out of jail?

But you've been there for him the whole time and have his child been taking ...

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