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I live in southeastern PA....and am wondering?

I live in southeastern PA and am wondering...if I plant sunflower seeds now (late July), I know they will not be completely grown before cold weather ...

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I left my cell phone on my flight from Dallas to yesterday. How would I go about retrieve it?

Left my cell phone on flight 904 from Dallas to. Orlando on 16 July. Where can I retrieve it?

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Spinal fusion: symptoms of loose screw?

I just had spinal surgery in July, 25, 2017. The doctor told me before not to lift anything heavy for a year, I was doing pretty well until I lifted ...

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Period early and then late, help please?

Okay, so on July 30th I lost my virginity and yes, we used a condom and no, it did not break. I have not had sex since then ...

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Pregnant - My boyfriend and I had sex I think the 30th of June or July 2nd or 3rd. Anyways. I got m?

... period on June 29th and I wasn't suppost to but anyways my ...

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How do I make this guy like me again?

Okay so I met this guy in July at my best friends pool party. He started to like me and now he likes this other girl and that girl ...

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I'm a 21 year old virgin?

So I turned 21 in July this year, and I'm a virgin. I feel a bit embarrassed talking about it sometimes. Would guys think I'm weird ...

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Why do Christians fast on July 17th?

I have heard that Christians will be fasting tomorrow. Does anyone know why?

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