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My ex hit me on June 25th. I called the police but they haven't found him.

How long until he is found? He lives in Wisconsin but he came here (Chicago) to see me. He left the scene before the police could get there.

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Fourie and Fouche are in partnership, which operates as a general dealer and their profit?

... sharing ratio 3:2. The following statement of financial position appears in their books on 30 June 20.4: R Capital 3 000 Fourie 18 000 Fouche 12 ...

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Am I pregnant or is this just gas ? Please help !?

I had unprotected sex on June 24, 2012. I had my Period on the 26th. I was wondering if their was a way that I still ...

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Pregnant - My boyfriend and I had sex I think the 30th of June or July 2nd or 3rd. Anyways. I got m?

... period on June 29th and I wasn't suppost to but anyways my ...

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I am having cramps a day after me and my boyfriend had sex is this normal?

Me and my boyfriend had sex last night and the condom broke. Now today I am having weird ...

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How can I lost weight before June? I am 130 pounds. 60inches tall. And I'm 14. I'm not fat though!!!

I have kind of thick legs and and a little bit of a fatty stomach I ...

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