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What are my rights when my name is on some property?

my partner bought a house and put my name on the title/deed. i want to kick out a person who has overstayed his welcome. can i do that

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I am being bullied and lied on, I fear I may be punished... What should I do?

This girl is mad at me because I exposed her to her mom. (on accident) She says that it hit, kick, punch and spread rumors about her. I have never ...

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So, I need to kick a room mate out of my house. She's being gross, not cleaning up after herself,?

... not working, has no money, and is not paying any of the bills (barely even makes enough for rent), eating all of our food. Enough is enough. 2 ...

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I hate my breasts so much, and I hate myself for having them. I wear breast enhances day and night?

Wearing breast enhances day and night causes me to be in pain most of ...

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Im gay and I dont know if I should come out?

i dont know if i should come out im really scard cause my dad and my mum are homophobic and they whould kick me out and stop ...

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Google - My wife had strippers at her Bachlorette Party after I said no should I break up with her?

Is it wrong for me feeling this way? Should i go out & kick his ...

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How much sports drink do you need to drink to go fast?

How long until the sports dink kicks in?

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