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At 22 years old I should not be literally peeing every 15 minutes it's just killing me. My boyfriend

... is supportive but I am so embarrassed any time I have an accident or going to the bathroom on a constant basis. I know I have a weak bladder but ...

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A person confesses to killing and shows the police the dead bodies.Will they still do a DNA check?

A DNA check on the dead bodies( they are unrecognisable now as the bodies have decayed) to confirm if their identities are the same as the people who ...

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Let's say an unknown murderer is killing only wanted, violent felons. What will the police do?

The murderer in question only goes after crooks like human traffickers, gangsters, loan sharks and drug dealers. He never harms innocent civilians or ...

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Plants are living things right..but why as a vegetarian eat vegetables?It also a living thing?

A non-vege is eating by kill other living things.A vegetarian eating ...

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Do I need a date for my best friends wedding?

The wedding is May 29. The invitation read "and guest" and it's killing me. I'm also standing up. Do I ...

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My friend always talks about killing herself. What do I DO?

My friend always talks about how she hates her life anytime something she doesnt wnat to happen happens. ...

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We in south sudan by then there was war and many lost there life and we got independance still there

... is killing of people in the towns even in the villages. Where ...

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What does it mean if I dreamt of killing a spider with a large brain?

Last night I dreamt of a spider the size of a child's hand. It was black and reddish and the ...

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