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Plese help?

In Ali's country, a king or queen is the head of state. Any head of state must be a member of the royal family, but they have little real power. ...

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What should I name my book?

Set 100 years from now in what was once Europe, a king receives word of a young girl who can lead an army of thousands upon thousands with ...

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What is your favorite place to eat?

Mcdonalds, Burger King, Wendey's, Five Guys, Hooters, Chick Fil-A

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What is the favorite color of eminem?

i want to know everythink about Eminem,now I want to know for the favorite color of king of rap,EMINEM

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How do I convince my mom to stop listening to my older brother all the time?

I really don't like it when my mom always listens to my brother and gives him what he ...

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Maths - the king asked archimedes if his crown is made from pure gold he knows that the crown is?

... either pure gold or it may have some silver in it . archimedes ...

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