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Should I change my name when I go to Korea?

I'll be moving to Korea in a few months and first name is Tabitha - which I understand can be quite difficult more non-native English speakers ...

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How this name is pronounced, Hung Hsin Ke?

Hi, Please somebody kindly let me know how to pronounce this name Hung Hsin Ke. It seems this person is from South Korea but have this Chinese name ...

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Going to South Korea this summer, need advice?

I'm going to South Korea next summer for a year (and possibly longer) before college to work at a school and a ...

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Is North Korea gonna launch a missile that will reach the US?

I saw it on the news that the North Koreans are capapble of launching a missile that could reach Hawaii. It ...

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Hi I have a huge dream: be a singer?

as you know i want to become a singer , i really do love music.But the problem is that i want to make it in South Korea wich mean a ...

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What the capital city of Korea?

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What do you think of S Korea?

What do youthink of south korea ? for example) kimchi. Kpop and seoul.. It would be great to get answer as specific as possible.

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