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Machine learning?

Create a Decision tree classifier in sci-kit learn using the data given below, features = [[2,100],[6,25],[1,300],[1,1000],[4,100],[10,100]] Label ...

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Type of Corona Virus Tests?

Name the types of corona virus tests available in path labs?

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Which hormone closely follows body temperature for females?

We were doing a menstrual cycle lab and we had the choices of LH, FSH, estrogen, and progesterone. I chose estrogen and got half a mark. What is the ...

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Is it OK to adopt a puppy at 6 weeks old?

It is a chocolate lab. We have another grown dog at the house who is totally calm and loves other dogs.

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I'm tired of chasing him...but I love him?

Hey Guys! I've been with my bf for abour 3 months now, we met at college (we were lab partners), fell in love, ...

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My puppy has a big hard knot on her lower belly! she is a 5 month old lab/golden retriever!?

my puppy has a big hard knot on her lower belly! she is a 5 month old ...

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What is the ideal size of chemistry lab?

Physics Lab and Biology Lab

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