Hey Guys!

I've been with my bf for abour 3 months now, we met at college (we were lab partners), fell in love, and...that's it...

I always felt like everything was happening too soon! I mean...I never really felt like I was "in love".

He's a great guy, but he's just become so...moody! I'm always apologizng, chasing after him...next week I'm supposed to go to his place (just to be with each other), but I don't want to go... :(

I'm afraid of breaking his heart...but I just feel like it's better to end this relationship now, than to carry on!

He really is a good guy, but I just can't take it anymore, a few examples of what he does would be:

1. he texts me, I'm in the shower, I reply 10 mins late...he sulks for half a day
2. I'm studying physics, so I'm reallyyy busy...he keeppssssss telling me to call him!! and when I emplain that I can't...sulks for 1 day and a half. and when I do call him...he's just moaning...constantly...
3. we plan a day to go out together, I call him about 2-3 days earlier, asking if we could move our date an hour later (I have good reasons), again...he just tells me that, "no one's forcing you to come! If you don't want to go out with me, just say so,..."

I'm tired!!!!

But...I have feelings for him, ..and we have some really great memories together...wish we could be great friends...but I know he wouldn't accept that.

By the way, I'm 19 and he's 20...

What should i do?!!!

Thanks :)