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I’m trying to move and my potential landlord wants to join the police academy in FL.

He is going to submit my and my partners ID cause they need to know who he lives with. I have a misdemeanor possession charge in FL and my partner ...

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How I should notified my landlord for checking a house when I move out? What to do if he can’t?

My landlord living 5 hours from me. He asked me to move and gave me 30 days. I’m planing to move earlier. How I should notified him for ...

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Getting an apartment?

this is a complicated question my mom is trying to get another apartment but the landlord said if she owed rent at another apartment they would deny ...

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Landlord failed to pay bills?

I am a month by month tenant and my rent includes Internet. Well Internet is shut off because landlord can't afford it anymore. Should ...

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Does my landlord have to provide me with ac?

I live in a rented house with 1 upstairs neighbor. They have an a.c. unit, and I do not (only heat). So my question is, does ...

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Minimum Age of a Assistance/Therapy/Service Dog in Apartments?

Hi, so I have a 5 yr old German Shepherd that is a Service/Assistance Dog to my 3 yr old disabled son. ...

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