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Nervous System - I have suffered for 38 years with pain affecting the left side of my body.

Also Allodynia on left side only. No solid diagnosis

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Why is my left front tooth hurting every time I drink something cold?

Whenever I drink a cold drink, one of my front teeth starts to hurt. It doesn't exactly feel like tooth sensitivity, just tooth pain...

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Why have you left your previous job?

How to answer such a question in an interview

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How long do you have to wait to write someone while your in navy boot camp?

My boyfriend left for the navy September 5th he told me he wasn't sure when or even if he ...

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Is it ok for two teenage girls to sleep together?

my little sister lives with me and somehow she got me to take in her friend who's parents left her alone. They had ...

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American school Algebra 2?

Ido not have much Time left to complete American home school. I just got algebra 2 I am willing to trade or pay for the answers to all of the ...

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