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Okay so I’m on a lifting team here at college, and we have equipment that the members use. All?

... equipment must be requested by a member and it will be approved by the officer running that practice so we don’t promise equipment to ...

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How much energy does it take to bring a thought to reality? Can socks/carpet or flexing power this?

If you thought you were lifting a bible in your head would it then become reality if you revert the energy used to create thought to power your ...

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If I am lifting roughly 12 kg every 5 minutes for 3 hours what would my total lift be ?

im curious as i work in a shop im only really guessing at the amount as all the weights vary up to 15 kg max.

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Gaining muscle while over weight?

I'm over weight and need to lose a lot. I've been weight lifting and have noticed results, will gaining muscle make me gain ...

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Gaining muscle and losing fat?

I find it easy to gain muscle. Just a couple of days of lifting weights and I already notice a improvement, it's not a big improvement ...

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Weight Question?

I'm 5'2 and 20 years old. I'm extremely active and love weight lifting and cardio. I've been 124.5 pounds for about 9 months and ...

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Microwaveable dinner problem need help quickly before it gets to cold?

If I have a film on, In a microwaveable dinner without any pierces or lifting of the film and I ...

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