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Are there any Youtube videos featuring harmonic fiddles?

I want to listen to two or more fiddles playing harmonically.

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Who should I listen to for advice about life?

A Friend, A Counselor, The Zodiac, A Priests or Religious Leader, or The Bible?

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Does Trenton get bitches?

(he is emo) (he listens to AJR)

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Behavior problems with my son?

My son doesn't listen to me, he yells insults at me, he says he hates his family, and he wants to run away, but he never does. I know ...

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Please tell me your favorite singers/songs?

Hi. I want to listen to various singer's songs. But I don't know how to find songs I like. So, could you ...

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Listen there is this girl in my class and she is really hot, but I am already dating someone who is?

... not as hot as this girl. I'm afraid if I brake up with my ...

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Rap Music?

Im in middle school and im obssed with rap music. Im a girl and every other girl listens to pop meanwhile theres me rapping every word to anaconda and rap ...

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Why am I addicted to heavy rock?

okay so i FUCKING LOVE heavy rock!! like omg i can listen to it all dayyyy!! everyone says im weird tho cause thats ALL i listen too! i ...

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