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How many hours do you spend in a day listening to music?

I am asking this question for a school project, I need 50 answers.

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College Major?

I am going into college but I am not sure what to study. I am fascinated by psychology, but I am not a fan of to listening to people's problems. ...

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For which of the following situations would you most likely use reflective listening?

1. group discussions 2.persuasive speeches 3.when listening to music 4.during a play

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Why should I pray?

Is God really listening, or is it just a way to release my thoughts and feeling. How will I know.

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How do I convince my mom to stop listening to my older brother all the time?

I really don't like it when my mom always listens to my brother and gives him what he ...

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Guys - Why is he stuck in my head?

Why can't I get him out of my head? So during class a few days ago I was handing this guy some papers and he was listening to ...

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My youtube playlist shuffle feature has stopped working!?

I have a youtube playlist which I use to listen to music and I dont like listening to it in the same order every ...

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