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What gum flavor lasts the longest sugar free or regular gum?

What some other questions that can relate to this?

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Can you give any example of a person who has achieved success in life having egyptian type of toes?

In egyptian toe, big toe is the longest, all other toes taper off.

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I have an 80k insta account and none of the unfollower apps will load. Is there a website to use?

The followers insight app was the one to work the longest but it stopped working at about 75k. I appreciate help!

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Feeling confused.. Am I a lesbian or just bi curious?

I'm currently struggling with my sexuality. For the longest time I've only been interested in men. As I ...

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How to approach her about it?

I have fantasized about my mother for the longest time. I'm 18 still living at home while I attend school. I started to think this way ...

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This river has many names, a couple of which mean "long river" and "gold sand river". it is the?

... longest river in the asia and also the longest to flow entirely with ...

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Is it wrong to be with someone who has a kid? I really love this guy. He was my first and my only?

... longest relationship I've ever had but his baby momma keeps ...

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I need advice?

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 months now he actually is my longest relationships and 2nd boyfriend. I like him a lot and as a girlfriend I think I ...

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