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What is the name of the book where one woman speaks backwards to perform her magic on her house?

I read a book as a kid and can't remember the name of the book but I remember that a kid goes on a trip through a magical world and to the end ...

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Skyrim, Yngol Barrow, doing quest for vampires. I can't open the chest -says it's locked with magic?

I'm playing Skyrim, and I'm doing a questvfor one of the vampire from the castle. He told me to get an ancient remain from Yngol Barrow, ...

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I really want a new life?

When I say I want a different life I mean I want to be Someone else or choice the way I look and live cause I'm really depressed I ...

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So I just got dumped by my bf. He said "wanna hear a magic trick?' "Poof your single"?

I know that he was being a total jerk but for some reason i still like him.... ...

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Who is Carl Swindler the mentalist?

My friends are inviting me to go see his show but I've never heard of him, and I especially don't know what a mentalist is ...

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