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My betta fish has fin rot, but is in a divided tank with another betta?

My male Crowntail,Betta has fin rot. I recently bought a five gallon divided tank, and another betta to go in the tank. This is when he developed the ...

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Is twinkie a stupid dog name for a cute male dog?

Our friends think it’s stupid but he an adorable puppy who will grow to be an adorable small dog. It’s meant to be cute,funnny and happy.

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My hammie is performing strange behavior, randomly?

Hi there! Yesterday evening, we bought a male, long-haired Syrian Hamster. He seemed to love being held and getting attention was his favorite. He ...

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I'm so confused about this Aquarius male, I'm a gemini female. Does he like me or not?

If you're not into astrology, then please don't leave an unrelated ...

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Is the name 'Tony' a neutral name?

Meaning it can be both a male and female. Also, the name Tony for both male and female it's spelled T-O-N-Y, and the female ...

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Mixed race couple?

so i am a white male and i did a black girl is it normal for a mixed race couple to be together

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Hey, I'm 16 years old male and my height is 5'5-165cm. can I get taller?

so my both parents are shorter than me, and i want to know if i can get taller and if i do so how ...

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How to hump?

I recently started wondering how to have sex! I am a male!

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