If you're not into astrology, then please don't leave an unrelated answer.

He's an Aquarius male, Im a gemini woman.
We've been friends for a while & he's always kinda flirted with me, at least I think. Example: at parties he's crawled into the bed with me (while being sober, but nothing ever happened) he offers me his jacket when I'm cold, he makes plans with me, he's told me I'm gorgeous etc. he's seen me when I've been down over other guys & has comforted me by texting me afterwards & so forth. Were both very sarcastic & have a lot in common. He's told me he loves me, but it was very lighthearted, nothing deep.

Am I getting the wrong vibe if I think he likes me? I've heard aqaurius men base relationships off of being friends first but I'm not sure. I'm very confused & need clarity from all astrology believers :) please base it off of personal experience, not something off of google.
I'm scared to ask him because if he doesn't like me I don't want to ruin our friendship