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You buy some beads and strings from a student on campus to make a bracelet for yourself.

You valued the materials at $9 but were charged only $8. Unknown to you the seller would have sold them for $5. After you make the bracelet you like ...

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Need a dense material like lead?

I need a material that is at least as dense as lead but is non toxic as my project requires close proximity to skin for long periods. Also low price ...

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Hi Web Design Question?

What is the copyright law, and why should we respect copyrighted materials? Use examples in your response.

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Two very different types of lathes typically used to turn two types of natural, one?

Two very different types of lathes typically used to turn two types ...

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Why are all bridges in Chicago built by steel?

I wonder why the bridges are all in steel, No cements or other material is constructed as one Major material. Is it ...

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How can I make ring magnet?

I would like to make two ring magnets 6 inch`s dia with a bore of 4 inch. the machining of the material i can do, but need to know how to ...

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