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Would eating Spaghetti-o’s be considered a “healthy meal”?

Would a can of Campbell’s Spaghetti-o’s be considered a healthy meal? I’m asking because a friend of mine are a can of ...

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I vomit after every meal everyday, I have bulimia and recently I have noticed blood splatters on sink whenever I blow nose. Is that indication of ...

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Can intermittent fasting help improve insulin sensitivity, and who might benefit from this effect?

By reducing the frequency of meals and the duration of eating windows, intermittent fasting can help stabilize blood sugar levels. This reduced ...

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Will I lose weight with this routine?

Since the start of the year, I have made some healthy changes to my lifestyle and that includes eating healthy meals and exercising. ...

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Am I pregnant?

... every meal, and when I feel hungry it's like I HAVE to eat or I'll get shakey, I've been having mild cramping, and have been extra ...

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I had unprotected sex about 3 weeks ago with my ex bf and he cam inside me ever since and I've been?

... having bad cramps and heartburn also been feeling really sick in ...

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How you do get someone to go to their own surprise party the night before an exam?

I have organised a surprise Birthday meal for my boyfriend with 12 of his friends. ...

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Living on healthy snacks instead of having meals?

I'm thinking about just doing healthy snacks and only having meals on occasion. My diet would be mostly fruits, ...

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